Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

And if so, is that why I dreamt of telling electricians how to wire a building? Actually, the dream is more likely a result of last night's conversations.... turns out my Mom's health had taken a turn for the worst last Friday and I just learned she spent last weekend in 2 different ERs. My Father called last night to tell me she might get to go home from the hospital Thursday... I was like, umm...when did she go INTO the hospital?!?!? Father is an electrician. I told him next time to tell me when Mom goes IN, not OUT of, hospital. Anyways, telling the electrician how to do his job... yeah, I can guess where that dream came from.

Oh, you might know that book as a movie...."BladeRunner". For you triviaphiles. I always read the book(s)...movies take too long and I don't sit still that well anyways...trying to do so while staring at a little box does not work well for me.

So, Mom was out on the deck Friday evening late, got up to come inside and got dizzy, fell & hit ribcage on table... could not call Dad, who was asleep inside (no air = no breath to shout). Finally managed to get inside, said she was okay (mostly) and went to bed. Saturday morning she was up & trying to get dressed & had an extended coughing fit... and felt her lung give. Told Dad to get dressed & call EMS (he did, but not in that order) ... they arrived & were enroute to SA Methodist Hospital.. decided she was not going to make it that far, even in an ambulance, so rerouted to Boerne, where she spent day in ER. Sunday she finally made it to the original destination, only to spend another day in their ER. They intubated a lung, tortured her in many ways, and are now (hopefully) ready to boot her out the door and back home.

yeah, so.... energetic prayers are welcome....
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