well... update

Well, the landppl came by last night, very briefly..about 10-15 mins tops. I pointed out to HER where HE had staked it out, she looked at him & said "Yeah, that IS too close." So, first we gave them a list of 10 grievances (kitchen floor still not retiled, back porch still not repairs, front porsh still not complete, etc etc etc) and then we told them what we forsaw for the storage facility.... and they have agreed. Far front corner, has its own road rather than using our driveway, and gets at LEAST an 8ft privacy fence around it. Now we see if they really actually START building... if this goes at the rate that all his other "projects" do, will be a year or so... and we'll be gone. Our lease is up 7/31/6... depending on circumstances, we'll move. If they were sneaky about this, who knows.. they may decide to sell the entire 6 acres as commercial proeprty & move house off, turn it into a strip mall. If they lied about this, what will they lie about next?
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