Good Morning Universe!

I love Saturday mornings! Upon awakening I open my eyes...stretch a tad, then discover I am pinned under the quilt.... hmmm.... So I peel open my eyes, pull covers down to my chin and see what has happened to keep me in bed. Buoy is still in HIS place, on the other pillow on the bed... I know that. But what is on my other side? Callie! She is laying on her side facing me and has stretched all the way out & is curved against me from shoulders to hips. She is so funny...and she was probably cold... fur coat aside. I pet them both and await my 3rd kitty, Abigale, bc she always shows up when she hears I am awake. Sure enough, she steers around the dog in the floor and hops up on the chair next to head of bed & starts bathing Buoy.

Fully awake, I slid on out of bed, started the coffee, grilled some pan sausage & dry-fried an egg (I LOVE that pan!! no oil needed!) and dropped some toast into the machine. So I have already eaten, had cup of coffee #1 and checked my email, etc. I have also put out 1 dog & 3 cats.

What is on my agenda for the day? Nothing that requires me to leave my wonderful home EXCEPT a coffee date with a dear friend at 6pm. Been a while since Peace@Heart & I got to just sit and talk, so that is what we have planned. Yesterday I took out my box of paper scraps and my Sizzix BigShot and made 6 cards... all from the scrapbox! Today I want to see about commandeering the kitchen counter and play with my brayer and some ink. Some of my art supplies are outside in storage in yard... kinda concerned about this cold weather on my rubber stamps & inks. We shall see, I guess. I know the temps wont affect the dies, chalk, PearlX, embossing powders, the brushes, the paper... but the ink, rubber, glues, etc I am not so sure about.

Okay, back.. went & found my Lumiere paints and put inside the house. I think I will play with them today, too, or maybe Sunday. Only "out of the house" activity tomorrow is Restorative Yoga @ YogaYoga South. I am finding it a tad bit challenging to get into my "creative groove" when I have to keep going outside to find what I end up wanting because I don't know I am going to want it until I get in the middle of the project. I am actually having to plan out what I want to work on- which is not bad, per se, just challenging since that is not how I usually go about my creative process.

So, have been up for an hour.. time to shower, set an alarm for my coffee date, and then get started and see what creates itself today.
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