Hallmark Holidays

well...oh my... I have had so much FUN!! One of the guys @ work gave me a box of chocolates, as did Jorge, the Maintenance man at my apartment complex. :-) And, for a self treat, I watched "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" with both kitties... Buoy in my lap, Callie @ my feet. Well, that is, until the end where I played the "Dance" test...and then got up & danced the Oompa Loompa dance with the DVD...oh my... laughed so loud I am sure the neighbors are wondering! Finally had a "heart to heart" with a friend...said some things that needed to be said so I feel a lot better about that. Now to start making my meditation table a little more suited to working with some psychic energy...want to personalize it a little... stay tuned!!
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