Big Shot

Normally, in my world, Big Shot means the incredible die cut & embossing system from Sizzix. But this morning, I woke up with Billy Joel. Ah well. Spent last night actually sorting through and putting away the things I brought back into the house Sunday after my workshop. Most of it has been gone thru & stored or put back in place. I am mostly ready start back to work in the card department... but first... TAXES. I wish I could typo that and put TEXAS but no.. I must prepare to pay Uncle Sam. And taxes around here are lengthy because I do mine, Spirit's, Rebel's and then ours all as one, in order to get the best (ie: most $) result. Argh.

So this is a card using mostly Die Cuts from the Sizzix. You knew I would get back to that, yes?

:-) have a blessed day!

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