Buckcherry is Sorry

well, over a week has gone by since I last posted...that is what happens when you are a wee bit under the weather over the weekend, then sick enough to miss work the 1st part of the week...sigh... and did I get ANY art done? NO :-( But, with the help of Rebel (and the added lure of a free lunch!) I did get my card rack set up at the Bastrop Producer's Market, near the intersection of Highway 71 & Highway 21!! So now we see, I guess... so many people have told me how much they love my cards but those people KNOW me. Will I succeed selling to people that DON'T know me? Who knows... but I do know that, with 12 birthdays coming up, I suddenly miss my card rack. Will have to go visit it Sunday before the New Moon @ PineCrone Labyrinth and snag a few of my own! Or, stay well long enough to make some more.

I have been adding to the "Project Box" but not doing. sigh. Ah, but today I have a surge of energy (and maybe inspiration) as I will be stopping by the house of a local "Stampin' Up" demonstrator and checking out the "Big Shot" (the newest die cut machine by Sizzix made just for SU). We'll see. You know I was S I C K because I had an unexpected day at home and did NOTHING. Not a card, not a tag, not an envelope...made no paper, no backgrounds... nada. I made it from bed to couch and right back to bed, that is how sick I was. bigger sigh.

OH, we'll be heading to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge with some pals this Saturday. Want to see the Whooping Cranes before they head north for the summer. Whooping cranes breed in Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada's Northwest Territories and migrate 2,400 miles annually to their protected coastal wintering grounds here in Texas, arriving in late October and remaining until mid-April, at which time they begin the long journey back to Canada for the summer because it is way too damn hot here, I tell ya.
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