Well, we continue... spent all of Friday crisscrossing Austin, 1st in N Austin to hospital where they administered cortisone shot & pain med via injection. Then home for a nap. Then headed to S Austin for a 2 hour session with a lovely woman who was quite informative and helpful. While she was not actually able to do anything at the moment, we learned a lot from her and will try implementing some of that knowledge today. Just not right now. After a really long night with very brief naps, Spirit has had bath in epsom this morning, another Motrin & is back in bed, nauseous from pain. Sigh. As yet unwilling/unable to do any of the exercises learned yesterday but now in possession of a walker, Spirit is able to get to bathroom or couch of choice.

It has been raining off and on since 3am. Yes, I was awake when it started. sigh again. Walked dogs under umbrella around 6:30am, they think I am whacked. Tara came in, ran right to breakfast bowl. Bud came in, ran and jumped into his recliner. The guinea squealed, got water & hay. Cats meowing to go outside, right up to the point I opened the front door & they got wet. So Callie is now under the rocker & Buoy is on the ottoman, both glaring at me as if I did something wrong. snicker. They ASKED to go out... why are they mad at ME?!?!

Dragons & uros are not very fast risers, their breakfast will wait. Fish, I will feed now, on my way to the couch with my blanket & pillow, where I will nap until the dogs have processed breakfast & require another trip outdoors.

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