Somebody's Miracle

Speaking of miracles.... woke up, walked the dog, 2 of the cats, still managed to eat breakfast, make lunches, stop by bank AND get to work on time! I love it when there are no school zones :-)

So, Dan with Aanimal Wonders (pet place in San Marcos) came over last night to look @ Diana & Dionysis... says they are beautiful (I knew that!) and look healthy. I was concerned about their size, thinking maybe F2T or something :-( Got them December 2006 @ about 7 they are tipping the scale at right around 35-37...keep in mind I am speaking in GRAMS. Ah well.

So ... the nation's holiday is tomorrow... what does that mean to me? A paid day off to water, weed, walk. A paid day off to invite friends over for a meal and conversation. A paid day off to create art.

Speaking of art... with Aria's assistance last weekend I've now got a couple dozen (blank inside) greeting cards ready to donate to Austin RCG to sell at the 16th annual Festival of the Goddess. Mostly I did Winter Solstice (Yule) & Harvest (Lammas, Mabon or Samhain) cards. I am still tossing around some ideas for an Imbolc card and a Spring Equinox one. Have a clear image of what I'd like to do for the Summer Solstice card. My goal, so far, is to do sets of cards, 1 ard for each of the major (8) sabbats. And maybe a couple of set with Yule cards only. So that will be what I do on the 4th. That, and watch the skies around me for smoke. We are under a burn ban but apparently that means absolutely nothing to some of the idiots who choose to ignore what that means, environmentally. Sigh. New Year's was fun, at least... we got to call cops a lot & watch some idiot set fire to his car with fireworks. i tell ya!
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