Tony Iommi, the man behind Black Sabbath for so many years (that didn't stop in 1979, folks) has a new album out. It's brilliant - but that should be no surprise to anyone who is a fan of his. "Fused" is the name of the new one, and it's the third collaboration between Tony & former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath singer Glenn Hughes (the others being the 1986 Sabbath album "Seventh Star" and 2004's "The 1996 DEP Sessions").
Track by track summary of "Fused":
1. Dopamine - The opening of a new album of Tony Iommi riffs. It's like the needle going into the vein. Traditional Tony Iommi riff and song.
2. Wasted Again - Slower song than #1, although not really "slow". Features some good vocals by Glenn Hughes.
3. Saviour of the Real - No killer riff or vocal hook on this one, but still nice.
4. Resolution Song - Starts out slow like older, moodier Sabbath. Interesting vocal hook that sounds like "Ah-yee-ah". Mostly mellow.
5. Grace - Great lyrics, great riffs, great vocals. About halfway through you'll hear a "classic Sabbath" riff like something off of Southern Cross, then the song really kicks in.
6. Deep Inside a Shell - No real "powerful" Iommi solo... just mellow.
7. What You're Living For - Leads off with a righteous riff & keeps going. You hear what sounds like Tony playing more than one riff at a time.
8. Face Your Fears - More of Glenn's vocals than Tony's playing. I liked Glenn with Sabbath, and he is still powerful here.
9. The Spell - Heavy doom to start off ...again, like vintage Sabbath. Slowest song of all.
10. I Go Insane - 9 minutes and 30 seconds of utter BLISS. Think back to Forbidden in 1995.

Summary:: I never got to hear the DEP Sessions, but found "Iommi" to be awesome. My complaint is that Sabbath hasn't put out a new album in the last 10 years. The last Sabbath album was released June 8, 1995, it's been far too long. So this one will have to carry the Sabbath banner, and Iommi succeeds. "Fused" flies the legacy of Black Sabbath and the mastery that Tony Iommi has over the fret board magnificently. If you have ever considered yourself a Sabbath fan, you owe it to yourself to buy this album. What's unfortunate is that the "pseudo fans" who know Sabbath only as "Ozzy's backing band" won't buy this because it doesn't have Ozzy on it (yeah, I'm talking to you, Rob Thomas Price) or the name "Black Sabbath" on it.
That's a crime. Buy this. Buy two, and give one to a friend. This album deserves all the attention it can get.
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