Looks like I made it...

...back in less than a week! Less than 12 hours even... I am up, showered, dressed & heading to the kitchen to make breakfast for me. I hear Spirit chopping up lizard breakfast, and the guinea has quit squealing so she must already have gotten hers.

So this card was fun! You know I love backgrounds. Brayered in blue then added a bee in clear EP, some shiny stuff (?) from AfterMidnight Art Stamps and then a couple of word stamps.

So, over on Highlowaha, on the 18th of the month we share our HIGH, our LOW, and our AHA for the month. Mine are : High: I asked for a raise-and got it! Low: Deciding what is staying behind in 2009. Aha: Realizing it is OKAY to not do everything AND that it is NOT okay to not do the things I truly enjoy at least some of the time.
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