how I sleep in...

We get up @ 5:45am Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, I don't have to go to work. So I TRY to sleep in. It looks something like this: stay up late with friends watching a movie because you KNOW you don't have to get up in the morning. Finally make it to bed somewhere before midnight. Look at the alarm to make sure it is turned OFF. Go to sleep. Have a cold wet nose sneak under the covers, nudging you awake. Look at clock. (5:49am) Groan, get up, get dressed & walk the dogs. Decide to feed the dogs so they will go lay back down. Come back in only to hear guinea pig squealing. Get her some water, and while you are at it, a chunk of butternut. Decide, while you are in the fridge, you might as well make the lizard salads. Pass by the fish tank and feed them, turn on their light for the day. Look around & see that one of the cats is on the clean laundry... go hang up the laundry. Look at the clock again, it is 8:18am...decide you might as well stay up... call the local (and ONLY) craft store, see what time they open. 9am.

Sigh to yourself, decide it is too late to go back to bed so you shower, get dressed, put dogs out & drive 20 minutes to town.

tada...that is how you sleep in @ Spirit Stone Sanctuary.
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