Same quote as the last card, just done differently. And with a fairy on a toadstool, this time. the background is a piece of leftover DSP. LOVELY paper, especially up close.

And a LOVELY holiday week last week was! We started off with Winter Solstice on Monday, work party Tuesday, relaxing on Wednesday, spent time with friends on Thursday after work, Friday we slept in until 9am (!) and then had a nice afternoon luncheon and great conversations with some other friends, Saturday we went to see Robert Downey, Jr in the new Sherlock Holmes film, and yesterday we cleaned (Sundays are out tidy up & do laundry days, sigh). No stress, no commercialism, no forced cheer. All in all, I am incredibly blessed.

May the returning light bring you peace & prosperity in the season to come. May blessings abound.
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