I am angry at you

You left me @ the Dairy Queen in Kyle last night. Maybe you just forgot me? Or were you hoping someone else could take on your responsibility for my care? Did I eat too much, cost too much, take up too much room? I know I am not a small dog but you just walked away from me and just left me there, tail wagging. I waited. I waited all night, even after Dairy Queen closed. And I was still there this morning, waiting for you to come back...did you forget me, forget ABOUT me? But then I thought I saw your car across the road!! So I ran down the grassy hill and across the street to tell you I was still here, that I forgave you, that I still love you... and love you I did, right up until the big black SUV ran me over on I35, which I was crossing to get back to you. Now, I am angry at you. I don't love you any more. And I will never love you again.
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