Well, 5 hours and 5 loads.. whew, what a night! All the big stuff moved over, as well as most everything else. Have a few boxes left at the apartment and some stuff in the fridge. Son has not moved any of his stuff yet. Asked him when he was going to start...shrug. Go figure. We got Agathos & Daimon over, as well as Lizzie. Abigale, Buoy & Callie made it over on the last trip, complete with their litter boxes and cat trees. We got the bookcases linings the walls in the living room and the reptiles set up in the art room. None of the art stuff is set up yet, and we can't find the flat sheets, so we slept on a fitted sheet with a quilt. Works. We had the coffeepots up & running, so the important stuff works! The box with the alarm clock/CD player apparently did not make it over, but the cell phones have alarms and the french bells made it so they were hung from the ceiling fan. Again...works. Tonight is "New Moon" ritual at Pat's, then bed... tomorrow we unpack some stuff & work it into the place so we can get some room to move around in.
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