a quiet week on the home front?

Went to Bandera, Texas yesterday. My hometown. Visited the parental units for a bit, scrapbooked with my mom-her retirement party from last August. Also took her a 2010 calendar made just for her, complete with photos of her friends & grandkids in the month of their birthdays. Was a lot of fun making both of them. Dad....Dad gets brownies I DON'T make, bc I love him. LOL. I don't cut the hair of people I love either, bc there just are not enough of them & I don't wanna lose any friends over food or haircuts. :-)

Saturday was supposed to be "cards by chaotic" day. Did I get a lot of cards done? Only about 10. But I DID get to spend an hour & a half with my new Septic Guy & learning about my aerobic system from start to finish. Interesting stuff, actually. So did not get a lot done on the card end but it was still a productive day. My goal is to make 50 cards a month and then take them to my rack in Bastrop Market. January 16th is the next day for me to go and rotate stock. So... this week, while we have no other "out of the home" activities planned, I will make cards nightly. Need 40 more in 4 evenings...10 a night. Sometimes it is just HARD to be that creative on demand. But I shall persevere!

Highlowaha is looking at helping us attain at least one "soul resolution" this year... for more on that go visit them HERE.
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