Damn... 5 hours AT MY DESK!!

Normally that is not such a grand thing, but after packing & unpacking for the boss' since 9/12/06, it is rather remarkable! New hire has just been thrown into the fire, so to speak. D got a job offer w/FULL BENEFITS (lucky dog!) from an application put in before coming back here. Took it, of COURSE! And gave 2 weeks notice, yesterday, that last day would be 10/13/06. Then this morning, it what could only (IMHO) be called a fit of spite, boss' sent D packing today. Without training the newbie, I might add. I know things have been stressful for them since having to move, dad having cancer, building new house, et al. But you don't go ADDING to your stress level by firing the person best suited to train their replacement! ESPECIALLY when you went off the day before on an employee about needing the rest of us to step up because you need help "to get it all done", juggling rental houses, business, dad's personal stuff, kids, etc. I don't get it.

I am not one for taking all this stress home with me, tho... I have enough there already!! Sigh.
Trip to town Sunday to pick up Spirit's mower (grass grew after our rains!) and then to Costco for paper goods for Saturday's housewarming/reception. Ordered several party trays as well for Friday pickup... veggie, fruit, turkey rolls, meat & cheese, etc. Spirit is planning on making a triple batch of brownies and I am doing a double cornbread casserole. :-)

Speaking of stress....Hecate is freaking me out. She is not as active as normal... even thought for a moment she was dead when I looked in on her yesterday evening. GOSH! Stroked her head, nothing. Finally tweaked her tail... she moved. WHEW!! Posted about it on the BD forum.. Lady Knite says may be due to the recent arrivals (latest 2 rescues, one went and greeted Hecate through glass Sat (oops!) and/or to her recent upgrading of habitat. Went from a 20L to a 40B so she has a LOT more floor space than before. LK gave me some pointers on helping her adapt to it... will iumplement those tonight and see if it does not help her adapt.

Pics of the latest 2 (and the rest of the gang) can be found here. Not for the weak hearted, or at least not for those that know what a healthy beardie SHOULD look like... this is not it... sigh.
We were told that they (the prev keepers) could "no longer financially afford" to keep Patches & Mischief. Umm, I went Sunday & resupplied my greens for the week. This is what I got:: a head each of endive, escarole & mustard greens, a mango, a cup or so of red grapes, a can of organic cooked kidney beans, a whole butternut squash, 15 or so raw green beens and 2 chayotes.. Know what I spent? A whopping $12. Now, bear in mind, if that seems high to you, that my $12 got me a WEEKS worth of greens for FOUR beardies. Oh, and if you don't already know, I tend to spoil them... Indra eats mangoes out of my hand and sits on my lap while watching TV. Hecate gets mangoes after her bath. A typical morning breakfast is a bed of escarole, endive & mustard greens topped with shredded chayote & butternut squashes, raisins, rinsed red organic kidney beans, a couple slices of green beans & some quartered grapes. On top of the salads I sprinkle some dry dragon kibble, like croutons. All on some really nifty colored bowls (they see in color like humans). So, yeah they are a little spoiled, I guess.
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