Wow...10am, still @ desk!

That means I am NOT doing any packing, moving, or unpacking!! WhooHoo! I have actually gotten my invoices posted, folded AND mailed. My deposit has been started, even! Wow, actual work that does not involve stairs.

However, Hecate is not her usual active self..wondering if it is because maybe the new arrivals have stressed her, or the move from 20 gal to 40 gal tank? I have pics..poor things... go HERE.

Politics @ work... I know they are stressed but lately the boss units are letting personal bleed into professional... I know that is hard not to do with such a small company, but damn. Yesterday, a coworker was offered job from application placed before starting here...they just got around to calling and making job offer. Which, I will add, comes with FULL benefits. So coworker gave 2 weeks notice... today they said "Go." So much for two weeks consideration. How rude. Maybe giving notice is not the way to go, ya know?
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