...is there a song inside of you....

....and does it take you back...? I am singing...again. Or would that be still?

You know, Christians have their 10 commandments...as a pagan, I have two that I live by:
"Harm None" & "Threefold Law". So when things come to me in 3's, I tend to listen. well, todays song is a repeat for the 2nd time. Once more and I may have to investigate a bit further to see the message.

Great night!! Son invited me to dinner with him & his gf, Erica. How nice to finally spend some time with them both, she is so sweet. And his grades are improving...gotta wonder if that is her influence. :-)

Got invited to a goddess (Aphrodite) event next weekend...am really looking forward to that... belly dancing, fire twirling, belly dancing, all sorts of thing!
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