I wake up laughing...

for those of you that care, I have this saying in a frame that says "It's okay to wake up laughing" which is nice because I do. I also wake up with a random song running through my head. I thought this was something everyone did, until I shared this quirk with a few of my trusted friends. They gave me one of "those" looks. You know the look. So I began quizzing a few more folk. Seems about 23% of the ppl wake up with a song, sometimes the same one, sometimes not. So I am not all THAT odd. Of that 23% however, not all of them do so EVERY freakin' DAY. Sometimes I hear just a refrain or a chorus and I can't quite pin it down, others I can actually get the artist &/or the song title. With that said as my intro, today's song was Anna Nalick's 'Diamond in the Rough'. Specifically:: "And someday love will find me in the rough, Someday love will finally be enough" And with that...Blessed Be :-)
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