Handfasting Day!

Handfasting:: a betrothal; a Wiccan marriage rite, which should embody the understanding that the union is "for as long as love shall last." So, after moving all of our worldly possessions into our new home and then attempting to unpacked them all (note the word "attempting") as well as getting the last of the details for handfasting in place, today we stand before the Priestess and our friends and handfast! Those that can't be there due to health, gender, etc will still be there in spirit, and there is always our reception/housewarming coming up on September 30th to look forward to.
And don't be fooled, the house IS coming along, in spite of the rest of life demanding our attention. The yard is another story, altho Spirit is getting all the trash into a pile for pickup. Living room is about done, other than fine tuning the apothecary and the 5 bookcase, computer hutch, etc. Kitchen still has a few packed boxes along the wall, but oh well. Guest bath has been basically ignored, but son is using it & guest bedroom, so they can both wait until he goes back to college...then we will deal with them. Our room has stuff scattered EVERYWHERE. Meditation table is reassm'd but nothing has been placed on it. Laundry baskets still have towels in them as there is no real place for linens...working on that, too. Sigh. Adapting... LOL.
Agathos is still molting... ate a 'pinky' on Monday... he should have eaten 2 but shedding is a stressful time for pythons. Daimon ate 2 'hoppers' as they were out of his full size mice. Hecate is coming right along...alert and friendly. She is just as cute as a button, I tell ya! Indra is warming up...just not real sure what is going on yet, I think. Rescues are harder than hand raised because they are not sure what to expect... we are hand feeding him treats (
zucchini and strawberries) . I placed him on my thigh last night whilst feeding him. Of course, at that point he quit eating, but at least he did not run...progress. He has not yet shown me his beard, altho he did favor Abigale one day when she came in the room. We have turned the 3rd room into the "Reptile Room" as it faces east and warms up quite nicely... in the mornings we open up the curtains so the sun streams in (helps to process Vitamin D) and turn off everyones ceramic undertank heaters...there is no need for them in August!!

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