My little boy is growing up....

Agathos actually struck at his dinner last night! He missed the mouse because his eyes are still covered (is in shed process still, sigh). I am so proud... my little boy is growing up!! Maybe he has been watching Daimon feed? Now if only he would watch his big brother get in the water bowl & then scrape off the old skin on his log... a molt should only take 3-5 days at the most... this has been a week now? On the plus side, he is looking thicker, can't really trell about longer since he was curled around the hapless little mouse.
Indra is relaxing a bit, really likes his twice daily showers and he LOVES zucchini. Even sat on my shoulder for a while whilst we managed another branch for his habitat. Seems to enjoy sitting in his water bowl. Little sis Hecate is just as active as ever, of course...lithe as she is.
I am happy to report that the last box from the kitchen floor is now unpacked ...and I was only 20 mins late to work yesterday and 10 mins today getting it done...whew. Now to start organizing the unpacked stuff. And emptying out Spirit's rented storage unit by the 15th. Wont happen this weekend tho, as I have flowerbeds on my "to do" list right after getting home from working 8am-noon Saturday. Spirit has starting cleaning out the storage shed on the property
so we can put lawn tools, mowers, camping gear, etc out there. Slowly but surely, we are transforming this into our home!!
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