a Calm 4th

Well, Spirit had to work yesterday (even tho was a paid holiday for both of us) but I got to go back to bed and slept in until almost 10am!! Then son awoke so we went turtle surfing, looked at some python accomodations as well, got a present for his GF. Did the potato salad to take later to dinner @ the Grove. That was nice...a leisurely event while Mother Nature sprinkled the Earth. <><><><><><><><><><><><>
Sorted through some Gaia (or Odin) stones whilst there. These are rocks that have had holes carved into them by water over eons. Turns out Boomerang has a knack for locating them...or rather, they do the locating. Interesting... they are said to manifest emotional healing, and in ancient Britain, holey stones were threaded and hung within the home as a protective ornament, were hung on the bedpost to prevent nightmares (being strung with red ribbons and hung over the bed) as well as worn around the neck or placed in the house or hung from the front door (all for protection). Again in England, wise women used holey stones in healing rituals for children, rubbing the sick child with the stone, magically removing the disease, because the stone absorbed it. They also hung holey stones near a pet's sleeping quarters to protect them.
Anyways, going to do some tweaking with them and see about spreading the love at SoCo this Thursday {7/6} , shall be interesting.. I've never been. Been wanting to GO, but not yet taken the time. So this will be a new adventure. :-) Spirit has located some bookcases in Round Rock for sale, $25 each, shall see gentleman takes us up on our offer. Our library is growing, and how. Awesome thing, learning. Everyone should do it. I'd like to move the statues and keepsake items to the glassfront bookcase, and those books to a regular shelf so the cats will leave the breakables be. Sometimes the familiars are a little too familiar, ya know? Sigh. <><><><><><><>><> Another **FULL** week planned... dinner tonight @ Nutty Brown with Rick, Thursday is SoCo 7-10pm, Friday my friend Troy Campbell returns to Austin for a Free Show at Houlihan's Rooftop (309 E. 3rd Street) with his band, Saturday is Art Day (after I get off work), and Sunday is the Book Goddess from 1-3pm for the 2nd (of 3) installment of the Great Cosmic Mother. Awesome Book, if you have not yet read it, by the way.
Alright, back to work..........
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