looking for a new home....

Well, we are going to go look at a house tomorrow in Bradford Meadows...that is the old section of downtown Kyle... 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage with a fenced yard. Not quite 1600 sq ft. Why 3 bedrooms? Well, we need a room, obviously... Jayce will need one, when he is home from college, and when he's not it can be a guest room. And then the critters will need one. And, according to all those in the know, each cat needs their own room...and we have 3. So... we need a 3 bedroom. The bathrooms are just gravy...one for us, one for guests, and one for the litter boxes! One car goes to college, one for the Celica, one for Spirits truck, and the Olds? Guess I could drive it, huh?!? :-)
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