Saw fireworks this weekend, bad and good... sigh. The bad occurred Friday evening. Spent an hour with Enigma, wondering if a cell phone really COULD be choked to death {turns out it CAN'T} and then head home only to discover that the Tornado had decided not only to skate onto thin ice but crash full force through it and into reality of its own making. Living on borrowed time now, I think. There is only so much even Spirit can take before the soul is weary, and the soul was indeed weary and worn, just in the hour Tornado spent tearing apart Spirit. That one young soul would say such things to the one person that actually cares... I find that very sad indeed. Bad fireworks.
Kyle did its Community deal @ the Park Saturday from 5pm on... live music with arts & craft booths for the adults, playground and face painting with watermelon and lemonade stands for kiddos. Then darkness and fireworks for everyone. Very nice. All 3 of my fave ppl there, so that made it even nicer. Good fireworks.
Got to sleep in a little Sun, then Snake Farm Sunday afternoon...met a python I just don't want to live wothout! Also thinking it is time to get a house, so we have a spare room for an arts space, a dining room so we can entertain and invite people over, and a safe place for Lizzie (and a python, should one find it's way there). Apartment lease is up end the end of December, I do believe.
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