Well, got a LOT packed into this weekend, I tell ya. Friday night Movie, Saturday was "Watering Day", "Art Day" & socializing until late, then Sunday was a mailout for the 17th annual Festival of the Goddess and 2 movie @ a friend's place... oh, and a trip to Michael's crammed in between. then home for yet ANOTHER movie! I am catching up on 40 years of not watching movies, one by one. Two of those were short documentarys but they still count. I also got a lot of my unmounted rubber stamps corralled a bit into a customized (ie: I created it to fit my need) binder with index. that took a while.

This card is made with a photo I took @ the last Texas Wheel (next one is August 30th, y'all!) and turned into a card with some ribbon & matching cardstock. And a sentiment stamp, one of my faves.
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