Almost 2 months gone..WOW :-(

So I last posted on here February 23rd ...where has the time gone?? OMG!?! Between work (full-time, part-time & self employed), volunteering, Easter, travel to see family AND vacation I have not really stopped. I have been doing my art journal on a regular basis up until 2 weeks ago (need to catch up on that THIS weekend, I promise myself!). And I have been scrapbooking all the even caught up except for our April vacation trip. The Healthy lifestyle challenge is still challenging and at times I am despairing of EVER getting to where I need to be. It turns out that I HATE to exercise. I am good with walking, goodness knows I do enough of that while I am at work!  And I like to walk socially. But I hate doing strengthening exercises. Those weight lifting, core targeting, stretching things. Maybe should take up watching TV and put a gym in living room so I would be more inclined? Who knows. And being in the beginning throes of menopause is NOT helping, lemme just say.

I have been actively teaching at Michael's as the papercraft instructor. Tonight is the MAMBI Happy Planners class... this should be a fun one for all those uber-organized people! First on my list though is some cards for the veterans on a May trip to the Memorial in Washington, DC. Part of the Honor Flight Project. Then running errands (have to go pay bills, etc) before the Hotshots luncheon at Murky Waters BBQ..OMG the food there is terrific. Not quite my Dad's BBQ but still really tasty. Then work 2 Michael's, bed and alarm @ 3:30am for Friday. TGIF bc it will be my last day at work this excited for the weekend!
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