1 year later... and?

A year later ... my thoughts? Having now completely "kicked" the western medicine habit and gone over to the other side of the world, so to speak- where am I, healthwise? If you recall, I was taking a prescription medication for migraines that required 2 OTHERS to counteract its side-effects. I quit them all and am not taking ANY pills other than Chinese Herbs as directed by my Healer. (isn't she a doll?!)

And, I am doing terrific. There are still some bad days so please don't think I am a miracle case or something. Take last Sunday, for example. Valentine's Day, with whatever that may bring up for you. How did I spend it? Tug-of-war with a menstrual migraine. And I am grateful. Why? Because I got the migraine ON the day I started my cycle, not 3 days BEFORE.

The reason for my exuberance? Sunday I put some theories to the test. you see, I have been eating foods more for their energetic properties (based on TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine) than on their Western properties (think calories and carbs). But Sunday, knowing that I was in the early stages of a menstrual migraine, I ate "cold" foods exclusively. Prior experiments with foods had shown me that foods in the "Hot/Warm" group (grilled meats, garlic, etc) seemed to aggravate my headache pain even tho they "move blood/Qi". So this time I excluded them completely and-for several hours- the migraine pain lessened. It came and went in gradual waves, rather than the "spike through the eyeball" feeling I normally get. As I was hosting a dinner party that same evening, I took a nap. 2 hours later I awoke feeling MUCH better and not at all groggy or hungover (like Rx usually makes me feel). I was actually looking forward to the evening's guests. And it was a fun party!

Yesterday, still cycling and still no migraine. I saw Laureli last night for acupuncture and herb refill. Today....STILL NO MIGRAINE! Now you can understand why I am overjoyed! All those years Western Medicine told me there was nothing I could do except wait for menopause... WRONG!

I am grateful that there is another health care option and even more grateful that it is working for me. Oh, yeah.. I am also glad I met Laureli. :-) It is reassuring when someone not only takes the time to say "Hey, I might be able to help with that" but then follows up/follows through to do JUST THAT. Would I recommend her to others. YOU BET. Will I follow her to Mississpippi? In a heartbeat.
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