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Last night, Jeff (the adorable 'can do it all' son of our next door's neighbor) came over and started revamping Luna & Loki's habitat lighting. The ballasts for our 4 foot UV tubes was out of date & old so Lokie went 2 days without UV :-( and therefore wont eat. Tube would work IF you held it up against the ballast but I cannot do that 12.5 hours a day AND go earn kibble. So, part of 1 the lighting project done last night and part 2 will be completed tonight. Hecate & Indra got their new lights installed Sunday but we lacked all the needed supplies for the complete revamp on the L&L one.

I spent last night running recycle to "Green Guy" in San Marcos and then I cleaned habitats, made stuffed tomatoes (think bell pepper but with tastier surroundings) and created some sympathy cards for a client that needs one. Whichever ones do not get picked will go to my rack at the Bastrop Producer's Market. For those of you that were aslking for info about the Market, hours are Tues-Fri 11:00am - 6:00pm Sat 9am - 6pm Sun 1:00pm-6:00pm and it is located less than a mile from where Highways 21 & 71 meet (977 Hwy 71 between FM20 and Hwy21). Call 512-308-9989 for more info.

Right now, however, it is onward and upward, into the KITCHEN again where I plan to poach some eggs from "Shades of Green Farm"... you should try that place out.. The chickens are tasty and all organic and their farming values are humane, organic and local.

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