Tuesday Afternoon

I am seeing a theme in my weeks.. Tuesdays I blog because it is my day off. I am also off on Sundays but those are spent with my making breakfast for my BF or church or beach or shopping or the beach or household chores, or the beach..LOL. So what has happened in the last week? Met some possible ppl for a monthly F F art circle. Meeting with a couple of them later today @ the Bankhouse Coffeeshop. Inventory at work yesterday, took a week to prep for it and overtime to clean up afterwards.. UGH. Worked until wee hours this morning but have now had most of my st cup of coffee. Time to let the cats in, put the dog out, turn off the tunes and head to the beach. Made a card Sunday for Whit's Bday... need to get my butt back in the art room and peel the cat off my table.. argh. LOL.
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