follow up w/doc

Well...back from my doc...she was okay with most everything. Gained 6 pounds :-( from when I was last there 12 weeks ago. But that beats the 1-2 # I WAS gaining every week. Also gave her the "good news", that I'd joined Curves 4 weeks ago. The "bad news", I told her, was that I had not lost ANY weight-- I weighed exactly the same today as I did when I started there four weeks ago. She said that was not really bad news as no one loses weight in the 1st month of working because they are converting fat to muscle, which weighs more. So...I'll keep it up. She says changes in body composition are more telling than the scale. I do the "weigh & measure" thing @ Curves the 6th of every month so I will see what happens then. After a little more discussion, we tweeked one medication and did three more thyroid blood tests ... thinks my gland may be enlarged. Did you know your thyroid gland is located in your neck? I didn't until she started poking & pushing. So, that is all the news that is news, for now... raining like heck and a busy month coming. Starting right off with April 1st... no "Fool's Day" for is a Full Moon event! And we have our star we've been looking all over for... we were about to give up & get one custom made until we saw one hanging on a fence... perfect five foot diameter pentacle. We will light it up this weekend & mount it on the front deck!!
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