July... already half of a quickly passing year

So, made the trip back home...we left way before daybreak last week. We hit Jennings park for a quick dip & roll...saw the baby gator (Bud didn't even bark...). Then back in the car & over the Baton Rouge bridge. Ever upward and onward until we finally see it...the Texas State line!! That meant we were halfway there! Made it to 5 Mile Dam and took a trip down memory lane...that was where Bud learned to swim with his Daddy as a mere pup. Speaking of his Dad, we made it to the kid's place in time for dinner and an early bed.
Saturday saw us head out at the crack of dawn to Bandera. Along the way I was going to stop for breakfast at the biggest (and newest) Buc-ee's in New Braunfels. That's when I saw it... BRAND NEW HEB+ ...right across from the Beaver!! Ah, my loyalties were torn :-( But HEB+ won. The grand opening was the day before but there were still LOTS of specials. Loaded up the car & ice chest as much as possible (the overflow got to ride with Bud but he didn't seem too put out) and then continued on to Bandera.
Once at Dad's I unloaded car and dog. Took Bud for a walk down the road towards dead end only to be chased by a HUGE Great Dane, hackles up. Bud & I sought refuge behind a neighbor's gate and it finally went back to it's own yard. We quietly snuck out of gate & back into Dad's yard. Sigh. Saw the usual deer and a big jackrabbit. Dad says he has a jillrabbit out there someplace but she is more cautious. After seeing the baby rabbits, I think she has the right idea.
Cooked a few recipes including anew one that will not see the light of day ever again... became the firestarter for the trees felled by last storm...they burned for days, even with a light rain. Managed some household chores, watched a movie, walked some more (this time UP the road!!) and chatted with a couple of the new neighbors during my time there.
Eventually began the trek back, retracing our steps (skipped 5 Miles this time but not the HEB+!!) and made it back in time to celebrate a friend's birthday with a dinner at Hard Rock. Today is laundry day, catch up on email, snail mail and art day.... and maybe a nap. Bud thinks that is an idea whose time has already come.. he's gone back to sleep at my feet and it is only 8:30am!!
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