a humid day off

...no riding today but it is still a really nice day... steady breeze off the water and over my workspace thru my open windows. A cat is tromping back and forth over my keyboard. The lingering smell of acrylic paint is in my room. There is the sloshing sound from coffee in my cup. Errands to do include procuring turntable, toilet paper & butane (my torch is in need) as well as gifts for birthday party this Friday. Awaiting scrapbooking challenge that is soon to be posted so will work on that when I get back. All this makes for a terrific day off!! All this makes for a terrific day off!! I completed this month's Mission Inspiration challenge last night after work so that is crossed off my list. I have 4 jams and 3 collaboration ATC sets to do and one planner post to make. when all of that is done I will forage for some grub and call it a day. See ya next Wednesday!
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