hello to 2018

So I should probably use this post to set a few goals for this year. .

1) In 2017 I did the monthly challenge over at Scrap Our Stash. For 2018 joined the #52in52 scrapbook pages challenge. Every Wednesday a new sketch will be posted and the challenge is to create a layout based on that page before the following Wednesday.

2) Will continue the Mission Inspiration monthly art journaling challenges that Mike Deakin puts together.

3) Once again participating in my art group's "Birthday Club" where we send a handmade item to those celebrating birthdays.

4) Posting weekly in my planner group.

5) Blog weekly.

5 goals is enough. Also going to make more art :-) Oh! And the last thing i did before bedtime last night was to delete Facebook off my phone. I will keep it on my laptop as that is where my art groups are. I'll check it from laptop but just too much time wasted on it in 2017. Case in point: Instead of surfing Facebook I posted to my blog.
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