not quite a month later.... sheesh

let's get straight to the accountability...

Blog once weekly... Seriously? That will NOT be on next year's list, I'm just saying

I opened the Vault for Volume 1 of my Curios & Conundrums!!

And Volume II is mostly completed...need to see what the Keys are for the Vault to make sure I have all 12.

I have completed all the ATC jams & collaborations that were on the desk

And ALL penpals are caught up & mailed out as of today

Planner played in and updated. Waiting on Office Depot to get the coil needed to bind all of 2017

Make a booklet or journal? No

ATC Challenge? on hold for the Holidays!!

Mission Inspiration journal challenge? November & December are still pending

Scrapbook? Done through November

Scrapbook Challenge? October done but November & December not even started

Birthday card group? need to get started on the early January cards

An unexpected death in the family took up some of my crafting time. Still working on a gift for someone.
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