so 3 weeks+

Ok, so the whole "Blog Weekly" thing is kinda not working out right now. But there is hope on the horizon since 11-8 sees the return of TM#8 & 11-27 sees the return of TM#7. That will put us back to being fully staffed on the clinic floor!! And that means I go back to 3 or 4 days a week!! And since I was one of those ppl about to lose PTO I am taking my week off from work and spending it in Texas! TM#3 took a week 2 weeks ago and TM#6 took a week last here I am :-)

Trying to teach myself more of the coptic stitch binding and acrylic pouring. Also have a slew of things to be tie-dyed. All those things take time @ home...time that is NOT spent sleeping or making meals or running errands, doctor visits, etc that have to be crammed into the ONE weekday off I currently have.

Been spending a little time with Suzi... mainly in the evenings when I get home. Lovely weather on the beach right now, I tell ya! No pictures for you right now bc they are all in the camera waiting to be uploaded when I return.

See ya later!!
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