Reunion over, back to the grind

3 weeks since my last post. My weekly plan to blog went awry because I have been oh so busy!

Birthday trip with the A-Liner went awesome! Dogs behaved and we relaxed. It was so nice to be inside it & dry when the rains started.
And since it always seems to rain at some point when we camp I felt like we'd triumphed somehow. Grin. Got back in time to have the pictures printed during Snapfish's Penny Prints sale so that was thrifty as well.

I got back to work for a week and ended up having a co-worker get the boot. Thankfully we(dogs included) still got to go to Texas as scheduled. It meant I had to come back to work 2 days ahead of schedule but that is ok. We got to see the kids, my Dad & his friend, Jane, Buc-ees, HEB & Torchy's. All must do;s when there. Also attended my BHS All Class reunion for the Friday Wine Mixer @ the Frontier Times Museum & Steak Night at the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. Made the main event @ same bar to see Rotel & The Hot Tomatoes with the Diva's... OMG what a show that was. :-)

Got back late Monday & in to work for Tuesday... so here I am. And as we are now shorter staffed than usual, I am not sure what the rest of the summer holds. One TM due in 14 weeks, other in 16. The holiday season is looking a little overworked maybe? Stay Tuned...
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