A Saturday off...

and how did I spend it? Doing nothing except chill and relax. I took some time to play in my art room. I did caught up my emails and completed the mission inspiration journal challenge for June. Oh... I got the pictures from our end of May birthday camping trip into the scrapbook!! Pictures from the BHS reunion wknd should arrive this week. The Scrap Our Stash Challenge was posted 6/15 so I have a couple more weeks to get that completed. I did go to a garage sale at oh my God a.m. Saturday morning hosted by none other than the coastal magpie. I picked up some really cool stuff: some mat board, a table that will hold all of my scraps in a open top file, some paints some Nifty pieces that will become mixed media items... way cool stuff. Did spend some time reorganizing a few items in order to get two pieces of storage type furniture moved into my room. I have a few jams that need to be played in and passed on so I'll work on those Monday along with the scrapbooking challenge. Yesterday I also bound my birthday cards and they are now in the book press. Tomorrow I'll make a cover for them and turn them into a book commemorating my milestone birthday. Many many moons ago I put one of my years worth of cards into an altered book but this will be the first book I actually make from the cards themselves so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
And yes, if you're keeping track, I know it has been 11 days since my last post... sigh.
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