I can see the light....

...at the end of the work tunnel... I think. At least I am only on the schedule for FOUR days this week.. hallelujah! So today is the day I get started on my "To Do List". It has been snowballing since having to pick up some days at work starting back on 5/2. On the "done" side is blogging, Mission Inspiration's & ATC Fun's challenges for May. Ah, and I am all caught up on Birthday cards for my art group & thank you cards for the local art group that through a Bday party last Friday for me. My actual birthday will be spent camping in the ALiner (its maiden voyage, no less).
Left on that list? Making a book or journal. Scrap Our Stash's Monthly page sketch challenge. Working on my art window project. Return mail out to Cher & Brandy from Sendsomehting.net. Care package of randomness to Michaela. Getting my address corrected on my voter registration card so I can go to the poll nearest me. Getting my poor nail fixed after its traumatic removal yesterday at work. OUCH. Packing my meals for Thursday & Friday. My submission for an art call using photographs I have taken. And a beach ATC for this month's lottery. And lunch @ Harbor View with Mary for her birthday... that will be the best part of my day! OK...time to get started...
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