February is here...

...and I am done with my 2016 scrapbook!! All done... like put out in the bookcase in the Family Room DONE!! I am so excited... went back & put the captions and notes on the rest of pages. If you recall, those pages were completed last Friday at some ungodly hour during our twice monthly art group.
I had a couple of other goals for January: make a book, 3 workouts/wk, weekly chore list, ATC Challenge, Mission Inspiration journal challenge, birthday card group and Blog.
The Results are in....
I DID NOT make a book.
I DID work out at least 3 times a week (some even saw 5!!).
I DID the weekly chore... except that killed our vacuum cleaner. LMAO.
I DID complete January's ATC Challenge.
I DID complete January's Mission Inspiration Challenge.
I DID make birthday cards for those that were due.
I DID blog but only 3 times (goal was 4 so only completed 75%).

What else did January include? Art time, both with friends and alone. Lost 3# & 6 inches. Worked 4 days a week (instead of my usual 3). Got my day to day stuff done every day. Blocked some negativity. Attended to my spiritual needs. Watched a movie! Updated my phone. Did my first page in my 2017 scrapbook. Had the oil changed on my car. Put money into Savings. Stuck to my budget. Saw my chiropractor. Got a massage. Posted work schedule. Got rock garden mostly completed. Went to a party! Got a raise.

This list could keep going but will just say, instead, that 2017 is off to a really good start. Now, off to dinner with my BF to celebrate life.
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