I had a blast!!

Today was my day off.. and I took it!! No phone, no work calling, no household stuff (well, not much)... just me & my fur babies and some paper! And ink, modeling paste, glue, scissors, pearlX powders, ink, etc... Yeah, I did the basics such as: made chiropractic appointment, paid bills, balanced checkbook, 30 minutes of cardio, meal prep for today & tomorrow (at work), dishes, pet care... blah blah blah. Emails all caught up and cleared out. Art space tidied up from the last few weeks of working 5 days. But then I played in my art room... ALL the REST of the DAY. Radio on & fingers inky. A couple of swaps done & ready to mail. 18 ATCs for personal trades created & posted. Planner played in, prepped for February, next week laid out & posted to the group I admin. First scrapbook page for January completed and put into album. Random acts of kindness made and posted to the box for delivery.
Whoop whoop... now to bed... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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