16 weeks

So, I started a pilot program through my health insurance provider for ppl @ risk of diabetes (I had gestational diabetes in 1986-1987 & am overweight now). It involves a wireless scale that transmits my weight directly via cell signal (so no lying there!) and a phone app to track all my activity, food, etc. How long will this last, you wonder? 16 weeks. So far I have lost 3.6 pounds..I think I can put up with this. It is arranged in a group of 2 dozen ppl one 1 health coach. We are all linked via a chat room/forum board for discussions, support, exchanges, etc. There is no cost for the wireless scale or phone app so the only thing I have to lose is... you guessed it...weight. This is why I signed up for it...that and the fact that I really do not want to end up with diabetes.

Today is a holiday for the BF...we are going to the gym & then goofing off he rest of today. I do have some art-related items to catch up and a few pen pals to write, but that is not really work for me :-) Even though some of the art-related items are for my job @ Michael's I just can't seem to think of that as a "job". And, really, that is how a job should be. If you have to force yourself to get up & go and you are miserable while you are there FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!
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