Bud is Back

So, here's the update... we are home... took up 14 hours to retrieve Bud, my granddog, from Texas. We got back last night and introduced him to Cappi & Kitta, reintroduced him to Callie & Abigale. He slept well at the foot of my bed. He's gone out in the yard and done his business and had a walk around the neighborhood. Currently he seems to want to be where ever I am. today that is not too much of an issue but as I work crazy stupid this week it will be starting tomorrow. When I put him out in yard with Cappi she laid in her usual spot & he whined at the gate. Now, whether that is due to his recent upheaval in circumstances or nerves or what I am as yet unclear. He will get to go to the beach & get to go shopping for some personal possessions later. Would rather a Gentle Leader than the harness if he'll take to it. If I can find a 24" collar, he'll be getting a new one. He needs some today of his own, the kind Cappi doesn't like. He is a chewer so will need some rawhides. His vet appointment with Dr Hunt of Veterinary Mobile Medical Services​ is Friday. I do not have a current weight but he does not seem too very heavy, at least for his size. Exercise & our daily walks should solve any issues there. Cappi has snapped at him twice... once last night over a toy & once this morning when he landed his big foot on her while trying to play. He's twice her size and not nearly as old as she so he's going to have to learn to be gentle as she has some age related issues of her own. Blessings of love & harmony, prayers, etc always appreciated.
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