2 UPCOMING CLASSES...so excited!!

For those of you not yet aware...Michael's has hired me to teach paper crafting classes... only a couple each month but what fun!!
I was there shopping and an employee approached me and asked me if I worked there ("No") and then followed that with "Do you want to?"
when she told me it was a part time paper education , I changed my mind!!

Please feel free to share this INFO with any one you think might be interested in attending these or other workshops.
I've not been given web access to create and/or update my classes on the internet yet so word of mouth is my only avenue at this time.
10/7 is the $15 papercrafting class

I'll be making things with the Envelope Punch Board (matchbox, bows, basket, greeting card,boxes, etc) and showing you ways to use it besides for making envelopes.

THINGS TO BRING: double sided paper (if you have it) 2 sheets
also bring adhesive of choice, bone folder, punch board if you have one

I WILL BRING: punchboard (they are available for purchase)
extra pieces of DSP (one & 2 sided)


10/28 is the $15 mixed media class THIS CAN BE A MESSY CLASS, FYI

I will be demonstrating different mediums and layering techniques to create a cover for a journal or a way to use canvas.

Class syllabus calls for a Canson 7x10 Mixed media journal but you can bring one of your own as the techniques will work on journals, canvas, etc.
Regular weight cardstock/paper will not work as the BASE, must be heavier weight like cover stock, chipboard or watercolor paper (bc it holds up wet)

THINGS TO BRING: Journal (see above), any acrylic paints & stencils you are fond of using. Also going to play with modeling paste & gel mediums so if you have something you've been wanting to try out, bring with you & I will show you ways to use it. If you have a palette knofe or an expired credit card, you'll want to bring it.

This is your project so you are not limited to the items the syllabus suggests,... always remember that!!

I WILL BRING: Chipboard, paints, stencils, modeling paste, gel mediums
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