wow, the things I have done before 9am!

Today I am off work... YIPPEE! Got up a little after 6am and sipped coffee. Tidied up my area table from all the stuff that had been dropped there MTW. Cleaned kitties dining area & refilled the bowls with fresh food. Cleaned the coffee table of its accrued debris. Washed all the dishes that piled up so far this week from my work schedule. I take breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday to work so had lots of empty (and dirty) containers in the sink, sigh. Then, since the kitchen was all clean... I wrecked it. I have made Cilantro Lime "Rice" using cauliflower (recipe HERE) and Indian Roasted Butternut Squash (recipe HERE) . Next will be some sort of slow cooker meal so I have something else to go with those dishes for Friday & Saturday meals. On Sunday I made Cuban Flank Steak in the slow cooker (recipe HERE) but needed something a little different to mix up my meals for the rest of the week. Now, with breakfast having been eaten it is time to shower, go get cat food and something for the slow cooker & head to the gym!
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