work is getting in the way of so much stuff...

...but I am grateful to be employed doing something I enjoy. i just don't enjoy being there 75% of my week. I haven;t made a single piece of art in the last 2+ weeks because there is so much to do when only off one day a week. My one day off last week was errands. My one day off this week was lunch with friends and grocery shopping.
I have a workshop coming up this Friday and no idea what the topic will be as of yet. Will work on that Thursday prior. I have several mini books to complete. Still trying to get one of my handmade journals back from a friend that borrowed it as a sample for a class she was lining up (different topic but was wanting them to think about making their own journals for it). And stacks of stuff from the last 2 weeks are just sitting on my art table, staring challengingly at me, daring me to tackle them. ARGH.
So, off to walk the dog and then bedtime. My BF got me a Vivo and it tells me that, in spite of the 12,000+ steps I have already walked today whilst at work, I need to burn 253 additional calories to break even for my food intake today. Damn chocolate cake....
I will leave you a card I made earlier this month... sponging technique.
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