break me down....

Once upon a time I would blog everyday and the title would be the song lyrics that was playing in my head when I awoke. That was back when I worked a desk job and sat at a computer all day long. These days I work in the medical field in a clinic setting and I do not sit, much less at a computer. But I am awake waiting on the coffee to finish brewing and thought I would take a minute to post. The work situation is the same.... still no weekends off in on my fifth weekend in a row and 2 more to go. I work 4 days next week. And so I woke up with this playing in my head: You can break me down if it takes all your might 'cause I'm so much more than meets the eye. the song is "Breakdown" by Seether.

It's been 18 days since my last post... maybe if I just get up (on the days I DON'T work) and do this I will post a little more often. We'll see. Here is a picture from our Hot Springs trip. Right now, a shower and then choir practice & I go.
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