Rain Rain GO AWAY...

... at least for tomorrow...my day off? So far, this week, we've seen not quite a FULL rain gauge (that is 10" my friends). We've had to erect an umbrella over the raised bed gardens because the tomatoes were throwing out life rafts to the strawberries. What a sight that was to see. And the squirrels are taking up residence in the oak tree and fishing their nuts (yes, I said it) out of the passing river underneath. The hummingbirds have given up on the feeders (rain is beating them off) and are roosting on the fence under the eaves (which is driving the cats absolutely NUTS). The mice have taken up umbrellas and moved (in formation, no less) into the shed out back (stray cats have taken over the garage). It's suddenly interesting to be the higher ground around our neighborhood. And, on my way home tonight, 28th street has been closed. Knew that was coming because water was already over the road when I passed @ 4am ...we've had another 13 hours of rain since then...ARGH
Made some KICKASS ATCs yesterday, will post as soon as I can...may be next week. Tomorrow is a BUSY BUSY day as I have to go by the Harrison property tax office to update info on some properties (AGAIN). Then the post office to mail some art items, the nail salon to get damaged thumbnail fixed.... then lunch with the Hotshots group from St Patrick's and coffee with a friend from work. WOW!! Oh, and make all my meals for work for Friday & Saturday, Then I get to work the weekend...argh. My boss only scheduled me one Saturday off between now and June 1st....can't say I am too thrilled about that, honestly.
For now, will leave you a pic of one of the mice using an umbrella
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