A new year has begun...

And, I see the holidays got the better of my blog...ARGH! Well, I spent most of the holiday season working, go figure. And the end of 2014 saw me sick sick sick but I am better now and carrying on. Actually breathing and not manufacturing my body weight (yet) in mucus, which is how most of yesterday went (while at work, no less). I'm now at the "couching up lung tissue" stage. That may be an improvement? Not sure.

So, only one New Year's Resolution... the Reversed 52 week Feed the Pig pledge. That is what I am calling it, anyways. Today is week 1 and I have met the goal. Challenged a few folks but no takers yet.

Now time to create a tutorial for January 9th class... this one is a bit lengthier so not sure if it will make the cut or not. Been so long since I spent any time in my art room that I have to excavate and ee if can find my work surface, first. All of Christmas has been put away and all new items indexed but that was as far as I got before the crud landed on me.

Blessing of a new year to you all, and to all a good day. Here in the Gulf Coast it is a rainy day, so much the better for making art, don't you think?
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