A Day "Out & About"

Well, on my desk are 3 tutorials I want to share with you but since they are scribbled on scraps of paper they will have to wait until I get them typed up and the sample pictures attached. I also have a journal challence (windows) to complete. And I have 2 card sketch challenges that will also have to wait. Why am I being so unproductive? Because we BOTH have the day off and we are heading to 43rd Annual Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival!! One or two of the list might get crossed off later this evening but if not, there is always Sunday :-) Or after work on Saturday since I am not the closer. My art room is organized from my last blast though here and all tidied up so once I get back to it, GAME ON. the weather is T-shirt sleeves and saldals perfect and looking to be gorgeous the entire day.. I am so excited to be outdoors and hanging with my best friend for the day. May you all be so blessed in the week to come as well!
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