Not quite 2 weeks later...

Visit with my son, Jayce, was terrific. Far too short but he assures me he will come back sooner rather than later. Met Nikki, had lots of fun just hanging for the 4 days they were here. Next time they come she will be old enough to go into Hard Rock Casino, not just Cafe. FUN TIMES AHEAD!

I have new glasses ordered from the eye doc visit I had today. Rx has not changed (which is good) and am getting a pair of WORK glasses since I refuse to wear my nifty neat (ie:pricey) glasses to my place of employment. And I made a kickass grilled cheeses sandwich for my lunch today, as well as breakfast/lunch/dinner for work days these rest of this week. Also found a woman who is part of a crafting group that meets every other Friday... and the next meeting is in 3 days! Planning on going to that since it is my other day off this week, so excited! Kitchen is now unpacked and living room is down to 2 boxes that belong to someone other than me.. so I will consider it unpacked as well. Settling into my art room still. Having to learn where stuff is since this room is configured differently than the old one was. This one has more room and I chose to seat worktable looking out over front yard, so some adjusting is going on as I get used to the setup. Made it to the store today for a mouse (wireless) to replace the sticky one I had just about lost my patience with (no single clicks of any type) and pick up some carpet cleaner for Mr. Buoy's unfortunate episodes. Hoping his tummy will settle now that the boxes are removed and stuff is in place...sigh. Poor guy.

My about to be out of a job friend has good potential job awaiting the demise of this one... hurray!! And tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my mother's death. She would have liked everything about this new (to us) home except that it did not come with a working furnace. Gets a bit chilly in here still this time of year. Right now art room is at 65`F. Not too bad.

Off to do some laundry and see how carpet cleaner is coming along.
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